How Can You Be Creative When It Comes to Your Home Loan Obligations?

Do you sometimes feel as if you have a stone around your neck when considering your home mortgage? Sometimes the very thought of those monthly repayments going on into perpetuity can be difficult to digest, but it shouldn't seem as if it's an insurmountable problem. There are ways that you can handle your mortgage payments and outstanding debt that could make you feel happy with yourself and less stressed. What should you be considering? [Read More]

Why You Should Never Set up Your Own Business until You've Done This

Many Australians are deciding to strike out on their own these days and set up their own business. They may have had a germ of an idea for some time, but for whatever reason, now is the time to take action. With enthusiasm comes excitement and usually the individual cannot wait to get started. Why is it a good idea to pause for a second and think? Making A Good Plan [Read More]

Should You Consider an SMSF to Safeguard Your Future?

Many people today are worried about their financial future, as there seems to be so much uncertainty in the world. Some of those people who are determined to take control of their future are considering whether or not to set up a self-managed superannuation fund. If you've been thinking along these lines, what should you know before proceeding? What Is an SMSF? The idea behind a self-managed superannuation fund, or SMSF for short, is to give you enhanced control over your retirement planning. [Read More]

Tips For Entrepreneurs On Preparing A Business Plan

When you're seeking financial backing for a new business venture, a well-written business plan is essential.  An effective business plan should clearly set out your objectives for the business and should detail the strategy you're proposing to implement in order to achieve them.   So, how do you go about writing a good business plan? Here are a few pointers that you might find helpful. Set out the purpose of your business [Read More]