Why You Need to Be Wary of the Taxman If Trying to Claim for Holiday Home Rentals

Many Australians are choosing to look in different directions for their investments as a result of a fairly sluggish stock market. One option they consider is the purchase of a holiday home for rental. This can be a lucrative proposition, but you have to be careful when claiming specific costs related to these rentals, against your tax. What has the ATO been looking at recently and what do you need to be careful about? [Read More]

3 Tips For Hiring a Tax Accountant

Taxation is a very sensitive issue. The most genuine of mistakes when filing tax returns can have serious legal and financial implications. This is because such genuine mistakes are often misinterpreted as an attempt to avoid taxes. It for this reason that a large number of business owners choose to hire the services of a professional tax accountant. The article below discusses a few tips on how you can go about hiring the right tax accountant for your business' finances. [Read More]